Our Purpose

“Your Vision Is Our Vision”


Five words, each one individually describing our purpose as a business.  When put together, the words become a phrase that takes on a meaning greater than the sum of its parts.  It is Art of Eyecare.  It becomes our what, our how and our why, all in one:


The first word, our primary purpose, our patients.  We do what we do for our patients.  It also individualizes each patient, describing how we individualize our care of each patient.


Our purpose far exceeds reading the 20/20 line on the eye chart.  Our patient’s vision is how they interact with the world through their eyes today and in the future.


Defining the present, not will be or striving towards.  It is our purpose.


The team as one.  This was not written by me, the owner.  This purpose statement was written by our team.  This purpose statement was written as a compilation of our stories and experiences.  This is why each of us does what we do, together as Art of Eyecare.


My favorite of the 5 words.  In one word, it describes our constant focus on the future.  Constantly trying to improve the quality of the exam and the products in order to improve our patient’s vision now and in the future.  It describes our passion for education in order  to live the concept of lifetime learning.  And finally, it describes a commitment to one true constant.  Change.

–Jim Paulson, O.D.